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Empowering change teams to accelerate business transformation

Navigating complex challenges and driving successful change is paramount for success. Nexus, our patented digital transformation platform, serves as a powerful tool to assist organisations in managing difficult transformation journeys effectively.

The Smart Digital Transformation Solution

Designed specifically for teams involved in shaping, selling and delivering digital transformation solutions, Nexus acts as a Collective Intelligence Hub, fostering deeper collaboration and rapid knowledge sharing among team members. Nexus offers a comprehensive suite of features, incorporating latest AI capabilities, to achieve more successful outcomes.

Transforming Business Dynamics

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Problem Solving

Guided Solution & Decisioning

Nexus offers a unique environment for hybrid teams to optimize their solutioning process at critical junctures in their project lifecycle. With features such as guided solutioning and anonymous rating of ideas and proposals, bias is minimized, and consensus building becomes transparent and efficient.

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Programme Control

Assurance of Transformation Delivery

Gain better control of your portfolio, programmes, and specific workstreams with Nexus. Smart links to solution development, milestone tracking, and progress monitoring empower teams to navigate transformations with confidence and clarity.

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Collective Intelligence

Smarter Collaboration & Discovery

Built around the power of collective intelligence, Nexus facilitates smarter collaboration and knowledge sharing. Engage in discussions, tag relevant users, share tacit knowledge, and stimulate inputs from diverse contributors to drive innovation and problem-solving.

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Knowledge Synthesis

Enhanced Curiosity & Skill Development

Nexus employs AI-powered content retrieval and sharing to enhance curiosity and skill development. From smart-AI search capabilities to structured learning courses, Nexus provides a rich repository of knowledge resources to support continuous learning and growth.

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Community Management

Stronger Engagement & Change Adoption

Central to any successful change is the involvement, engagement and support of people.  Nexus supports the development of motivated communities of practice and change networks that want to build understanding, explore new concepts and action change. From running events, discussing latest trends or reviewing proposed messaging Nexus is a platform for supporting people to change.

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Insights & Analytics

Signals-Driven Insights in the Moment

Track, predict, and recommend actions based on real-time insights generated by Nexus. Understand team activity, knowledge strength, and programme success metrics to inform interventions and drive performance.

Explore Nexus Further

Nexus Guide

Learn more about Nexus and explore package options.

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Case Studies

Dive into real-world examples of how Nexus has helped organizations grow their collective intelligence.

Download Digiworkz Nexus Case Study - Global Bank
Global Bank

Enhance knowledge to solve organisational challenges

Download Digiworkz Nexus case study report: Global Professional Service Firm
Global Professional Service Firm

Building communities of practice

Download Digiworkz Nexus case study: international IT firm
International IT Firm

How hybrid teams deliver projects


Book a Session/Demo

Schedule a personalised session or demo with our expert team to experience Nexus first-hand and discover how it can address your organisation's specific needs and challenges.


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