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Explore What Great Transformation Feels Like

Experiencing the intensity of transformation? Dealing with a programme that seems to have a mind of its own? Feeling anxious about meeting your executives' expectations? Rest assured, you're not alone!

Whether you're implementing a new ERP, scaling AI solutions, reimagining business service delivery models, or preparing your workforce for future challenges - you're probably in an epic struggle with at least one of the three main causes of failure:


At Digiworkz, we are dedicated to assisting businesses, institutions, and governments to transform in line with digital potential. Our research into ways to transform successfully underpins our solutions. Allow us to guide you through the process of transforming differently.

Leave Old Ways of Transforming Behind

Transformation reasons for failure:

  • Workstreams not communicating properly

  • Leadership sponsors conspicuous by their absence

  • Different views & motivations about the direction to take

  • Time zones and remote working causing

  • Plethora of tools and systems that feel disconnected

  • Over-reliance on one or two people



For Every $1BN Spent on Digital Transformation, 

$99M is Wasted

Grasp a New Way to Run Programmes

The most successful transformations are using generative AI technology and a human factors approach to drive greater value.

  1. Increase connectivity between vision, strategy and programme design
  2. Amplify effectiveness of collaboration through inclusivity
  3. Enhance decision-making through collective intelligence
  4. Share and synthesise knowledge to improve problem-solving
  5. Get a handle on complexity and mitigate programme risk
  6. Provide assurance over critical decisions

Do You Want to Transform Differently?

Get a free report detailing how your programme can improve.

  • Is your programme set up for success?

  • Have you got a handle on risks?

  • Do you have the right knowledge?

  • Will your team be effective?

  • What will most likely derail you?

  • Where can you improve?

free business transformation assessment from Digiworkz



Clients Who Follow Our Transformation Approach
Are X2.6 More Likely to Succeed

4 Secrets of Success

Increase adaptability, create stronger teams, and deliver superior results

Through our research, we have identified 12 components and 4 major attributes that are prevalent in
programmes most likely to deliver their intended benefits. We have also developed the recipe for uplifting these attributes.

Teams with these enhanced levels of capability increase their probability of transformation success exponentially.

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Complexity is a major factor in transformation derailment. Ask yourself if you really understand the nuances and intricacies of the different moving parts of your programme. Our research shows vast majority of major change initiatives do not have a method or toolkit for measuring, calibrating or monitoring the management of complexity.

Try our assessment for measuring the complexity level of your transformation.

Take Digiworkz assessment to measure the complexity level of your business transformation

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Every program aims to maximize value, but our research reveals that many lack effective structures for value assurance, knowledge-based governance, and decision-making. Unlocking greater returns requires establishing mindsets ensuring value flows from inception to change implementation.

Try our value calculator to discover how much benefit you could be reclaiming.

Try Digiworkz value calculator to discover how much benefit you could be reclaiming from business transformation

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Great teams synchronize thoughts, collaboration, pace, and action seamlessly, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. This ability, known as Superteam traits, involves effortlessly switching between thinking styles to solve problems, driven by curiosity.

Try our modes of working assessment to see how effective your teams are at applying different problem solving styles

Try Digiworkz modes of working assessment to see how effective you r teams are for business transformation

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Human-centricity in the way programmes are managed is crucial to driving the overall success of a transformation. From ensuring the flow of knowledge, to maintaining suitable resourcing levels, to creating an environment of psychological safety, the role of programme leadership teams today is one that puts people at the heart of the mission.

Try our quick profiler of programme risks to see if you're set up for success

Try Digiworkz quick profiler of programme risks to see if youre set up for business transformation success

Organisations that Adopt 
A Human-centric Approach to Digital Transformation 
Are 26% More Profitable Than Their Peers - KPMG

Transform Differently with Digiworkz

We are a team of Transformation Directors, Data Scientists, Digital Architects and Knowledge Engineers who have combined to create the world's first patented solution for increasing transformation success.

We deliver the results other approaches cannot. This is achieved through working with your current teams, existing project tools and core governance structures.

What's different is our ability to supplement what you do today with a powerful new capability that augments Generative AI, NLP and Collective Intelligence. We call this solution Digiworkz Nexus.


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