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Transform Differently

Adapt at the speed of digital potential


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Who We Are

We are Digiworkz. A fully remote global provider of solutions that accelerate client's ability to transform differently. Born in the future of work, passionate about human potential, and pioneers of augmented intelligence, we are driven by the desire to unlock greater value from digitalisation. We create environments that continually seek and interpret the high-impact challenges that derail digital scaling and fix them.  Our mission is to enable clients to continuously adapt at the speed of digital potential.


What We Do

We provide solutions that prepare, prime and power today's digital transformation lifecycles by focusing on the way problems, challenges, opportunities and ideas are managed. We do this through the combination of three centres of expertise - advanced analytics, digital leadership and collective intelligence. Applied in unison, we re-constitute the digital fabric of organisations to acceletate sustainable value creation. We re-think and re-design the relationships between work, workforces, workplaces and workspaces.

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How We Do It

We provide a blend of advisory services and our own patented proprietary AI technology. Our advisory work spans - Fast track programme set-up, uplifted SuperTeam ways of working, actionable nerve centre insights, embedded experience engineering factories and landing change and adoption. Our product - Digiworkz Nexus, acts as an immersive environment for facilitating the design, delivery and continuous improvement of transformation journeys harnessing collective intelligence and AI.

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Helping our clients to transform differently

We help organisations tackle five wicked problems that relate to the way people create value from digital scaling.
We do this by combining the three distinct capabilities of advanced analytics, digital leadership and collective intelligence.
These are harnessed to improve the digital fabric of the organisation through our advisory solutions and AI technology platform.

Fast-Track Set-up

We provide an accelerated discovery programme that enables our clients to not just understand the challenges with the current state but properly evaluate the requirements. Achieved through extensive field assessments, market insights analysis and comprehensive stakeholder engagement


making hybrid working work
Uplifted SuperTeam Ways of Workin

Uplifting this capability is not about a few training courses or a bit of coaching – Creating SuperTeams and implementing new ways of working involves rethinking and re-designing the essence of teamwork around collective intelligence, this is the ability of the group to cognitively think, communicate and apply their skills and experiences to tasks in a way and on a scale that’s better than any individual can.

Digitalaising hr and key functions
Actionable Nerve Centre Insights

Our modern approach positions transformation offices at the front, and central to the programme value chain that taps into fast-flowing data insights.

Our nerve centres direct traffic around the programme and span everything from progress tracking, to change impacts to benefit realisation

upskilling for digital futures
Embedded Experience Engineering Factory

We design, set up and run a knowledge experience factory dedicated to the evaluation, design and implementation of your programme

Coaching and facilitating through the power of the TX network to overcome known or unforeseen gaps in team experience, poor decisions and inefficiency.


re imaganing customer experience
Landing Change & Adoption

We have devised an approach to change adoption that leverages the power of knowledge synchronization into the development and delivery of high-impact deployment strategies. Our Analytics solution and change strategy tackles the big issues change teams face when implementing complex solutions.

Is your transformation programme set up for success?

Our Transformation Maturity Assessment pinpoints an organisation’s position on the journey to building a culture of transformation excellence.

Our assessment measures the elements such as connectivity, analytic sophistication, team collaboration and individual cognition to plot the organisation’s maturity towards the programme.Whether your organisation is lagging or leading the way, this pulse assessment helps you identify your organisational strengths and weaknesses to progress up the curve and get a handle on the human factors that drive program success.


Transformation maturity assessment


Head to the collective intelligence hub to see our latest thought leadership


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