Remove The Risk of Transformation Failure


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How We Work

We bring our deep experience, and award- winning AI technology to the design, run and assurance of complex business transformations. We make sure your programmes are more successful. 

We really kick the tyres on your current assumptions, methods, and capabilities to indentify improvement areas. Then we're with you at every step of the programme to ensure stronger returns from your effort.

Programme Directors work with us to:

  • Prepare for a transformation properly
  • Prime the transfromation office to perform
  • Power critical tasks that drive results
  • Platform core team processes

We achieve superior results for our clients by using a validated and scientific approach that's based on collective intelligence. This is delivered through our client side advisory teams and our own transformation platform - Digiworkz Nexus.

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Prepare to Platform

Up to 80% of the reasons for transformation failure are attributable to human factors - PwC

We're Passionate About Eradicating The Risk Of Transformation Failure

Depending on which study you read, the chances of delivering a successful transformation range somewhere between 5% to 15%.  Not exactly comforting reading if you're a Chief Transfomration Officer, CFO, CEO, or dare we even say a Programme Director

So then, why have such underwhelming odds done little to dampen the enthusiasm from Executives for pursuing ambitious transformations?

Becuause the need for corproate survival means it is better to try and fail  than to not try at all. The desire for ever-greater customer centricity is a compelling motivator for change.

Digiworkz was originally created to prepare enterprises for the future of work. Today, in a world of unprecedented technology advancement we go a step further. We now actively enable clients to design, build and deliver that future with a certainty of success.

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Cognition Holds the Key

To understand how we deliver a fundamental shift in transformation success it is important to consider the concept of System 1, 2, and 3 thinking.
Based originally on Noble Prize winning reearch we have identified that the prevelance and preference for sytstem 1 thinking (fast style) contributes considerably to team failings.
Stimulating the application of system 2 and 3 thinking (slow and smart), at the critial moments of a programme, along with knowledge infusion, results in game-changing performance.

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In a one year trial at a global organisation Digiworkz Nexus was 5.2x more effective at driving programme collaboration and problem solving than existing software tools

Introducing some of the Team

If only the pictures could properly convey the dedication, passion and fun this crowd bring to work! 


Laurence Collins

Founder & Managing Director

Laurence is passionate about the future of work and as an AI entrepreneur with global digital transformation experience, is uniquely placed to help clients navigate the challenges that lay ahead. He is a former MCA Consultant of the Year Winner and advisor to senior leaders on ways to re-think work design.

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Will Dignon

Chief Product Officer

Partner at Digiworkz with over 9 years of experience in HR Tech, Will leads the management of our product Nexus. His extensive experience in delivering software implementations, support and advisory services ensure Will and the Digiworkz team are always looking to enhance how Nexus meets your organisational needs.

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Kerry Waters

Customer Success Director

From leading transformation initiatives in global banks through to delivering accelerated digitlal solutions at scale, Kerry has first-hand experience of what it takes to run large complex programmes successfully. Additionally, as an accredited corporate wellbeing coach she supports clients to design human-centric approaches.

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Defne Ozerden

Consultant - Digital Transformation

Defne prepares clients for the future of work, focusing on digital transformation. Since completing her master's degree in international management, she has gained experience in consulting, business development and finance.


Isabelle Jobson Pargeter

Analyst- Workforce Transformation

Isabelle is a workforce transformation analyst with a strong mathematical and statistical background who helps clients digitalise their workforce. She has a keen interest in technology-based engagement and development.

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Oscar Thornton

Product Manager

Oscar guides our development of Nexus to improve your transformation capabilities by harnessing collective intelligence and AI to make Nexus an innovative and robust product to meet your needs. Oscar is always looking at how we harness emerging technology to meet the needs of our users and help improve their experience with Nexus.