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Our Mission: enable people to build & experience a better digital future.

The challenges of hybrid working have opened the eyes of business leaders across the globe, who realise that enabling a more productive, more digital and more resilient workforce is no mean feat. Choices made now around transformation programs, digital strategy and workforce initiatives are likely to have a profound impact on your business for many years to come.

We created Digiworkz to help organisations like yours think smarter and work quicker in all their efforts to build a more digital workforce. But rather than traditional, analogue consultancies who work with outdated methods and cumbersome processes, we take a very different approach, as outlined in our five guiding principles.

pragmatic and nimble
Pragmatic and nimble

We mobilise projects quickly through a structured process aided by the latest digital tools and accelerators.

analytically human
Analytically human

Our recommendations are informed by hard data and science, yet always balanced with our empathy for people.

agile and scalable
Agile and scalable

Our approach builds on the agile methodology and draws on our extensive network of  consultants and SMEs.

digital centric
Digital centric

Our core team live and breathe technology and have successfully led many large-scale digital transformation programmes.

collaboratively innovative
Collaboratively innovative

We utilise our wider ecosystem to find innovative solutions to solve your biggest workforce challenges and transfer the knowledge we develop to your teams.


Core Team

If only the pictures could properly convey the dedication, passion and fun this crowd bring to work! 


Laurence Collins

Founder & Managing Director

Laurence is passionate about the future of work and as an AI entrepreneur with global digital transformation experience, is uniquely placed to help clients navigate the challenges that lay ahead. He is a former MCA Consultant of the Year Winner and advisor to senior leaders on ways to re-think work design.

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Will Dignon

Chief Product Officer

Partner at Digiworkz with over 9 years of experience in HR Tech, Will leads the management of our product Nexus. His extensive experience in delivering software implementations, support and advisory services ensure Will and the Digiworkz team are always looking to enhance how Nexus meets your organisational needs.

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Sue Westhead

Head of Consulting Solutions

Sue is an experienced HR Director, Strategist and Digital Solutions Architect. Sue is passionate about the ability of HR to drive strategic value through human-centric transformation approaches to digital capability

matt l

Matthew Lymbery

Chief Technology Officer

Matthew brings 35 years experience in designing, developing and implementing technology solutions. Over that time, he has built and lead several software engineering teams which has built class leading and award winning solutions and apps. Over the past 18 years he has been at the forefront of analytics and AI within the Human Resource space and recognised as one of the top 30 influencers in this space.

Russell pic b&w

Russell Sowden

Employee Experience Director

A highly experienced HR executive and transformation programme director. He combines practical experience with knowledge of the latest solutions to ensure clients get the best value for their investment.

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Jack Hayball

Head of Thought Leadership

Jack is an emerging future of work thought leader with an innovative approach to solution architecture. Since completing his MBA Jack has been on a mission to transform the world of work and build more productive, purposeful, connected teams. Part of Digworkz’s remote, digital delivery network, he primarily operates in Mexico City and London, UK.


Nur Masood

Solutions Manager- Transformation & Analytics

Nur is a solutions manager with a global background, having lived in Turkey, Spain, and Singapore. She is passionate about the opportunities around data and analytics to provide unique solutions to complex business problems.

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Defne Ozerden

Consultant - Digital Transformation

Defne prepares clients for the future of work, focusing on digital transformation. Since completing her master's degree in international management, she has gained experience in consulting, business development and finance.

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Amy Fleming

Consultant - Workforce Transformation

Senior analyst and member of the consulting team using her background in mathematics and statistics to support businesses in developing their analytic and reporting capability across various transformation projects.


Isabelle Jobson Pargeter

Analyst- Workforce Transformation

Isabelle is a workforce transformation analyst with a strong mathematical and statistical background who helps clients digitalise their workforce. She has a keen interest in technology-based engagement and development.

Jennifer Bryan baw

Jennifer Bryan

Change Specialist

Jennifer is a change specialist with over 20 years of experience, Jennifer has a pragmatic approach to the behavioural elements of change and takes a holistic approach to change. Jennifer has written several articles and been published in multiple professional journals, including peer reviews on leadership in the future and managing and leading change.

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Oscar Thornton

Product Manager

Oscar guides our development of Nexus to improve your transformation capabilities by harnessing collective intelligence and AI to make Nexus an innovative and robust product to meet your needs. Oscar is always looking at how we harness emerging technology to meet the needs of our users and help improve their experience with Nexus.

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Matt Arimshaw

Senior Developer

Matt is a hands-on, highly competent software developer with over ten years' experience. Matt is passionate about producing the highest quality software and holds himself to consistently high standards whist keeping his finger on the pulse of the latest and most exciting tech.

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Alex Jackson

Product Developer

Alex is an experience software developer working as part of the Nexus product team. He is motivated individual with ambition, ideas and a passion for creativity, innovating is second nature to Alex. Alex relishes solving problems and enhancing our product, systems and processes.

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Stefan Freeman

Business Change & Communications Specialist

Stefan has a background in change management & communication and engagment. Fascinated by change, designing and delivering important messaging on our products and services is what Stefan does best.

rita bil

Rita Bil

Head of Operations

Rita is an attention to detail oriented operations manager with over 20 years of commercial, contractual and business process management experience. she's key to enabling the business to grow and a major part of success to date.

marc lake

Marc Lake

Chief Finance Officer

Marc is a specialist in scaling technology and digital enterprises. He's a qualified accountant who has a passion for helping businesses to navigate the challenges of investor relations, working capital management and full end-to-end finance operational practices

harvey collins

Harvey Collins


From having spent his teenage years helping out in the business during school holidays, Harvey has learned the importance of research and curated content from the bottom-up to the point now where he leads the sourcing, validation and analysis of primary and secondary research activities that are key to community knowledge services.