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Time to Rethink & Recalibrate

Recent BCG Study shows that 75% of enterprises are struggling to digitally transform effectively and at scale.

When examining organisations that are already future built, a major global study by BCG revealed only 6% of organisations have transformed in ways that have created an ability to leverage the latest digital potential at scale. 

This means that, for the vast majority, Executive teams are in catch up mode. 

We see that many enterprises have little clarity on what they need to do differently to make transformations more successful and where there is a clear view there's then the struggle to deliver in new ways.



Yes it is a cliche, but that's not to detract from the fact it is often true. In a digital transformation context specifically, we've found the sentiment is particularly profound. That's why we have developed an assessment that allow programme teams to properly identify the terrain ahead and prepare accordingly.

digiworkz-business-transformation-75-percent-of enterprises-are-struggling-to-digitally-transform-effectively-and-at-scale

Business Transformation Maturity

Is your method fit for purpose?

Approaches to the set up and run of complex programmes are evolving as new techniques and technologies are adopted.  This assessment is designed for Programme Leaders and Transformation sponsors who want to:

1. Baseline maturity of current approach

2. Identify dimensions for improvement

3. Engage Workstream Leaders in areas of focus

4. Monitor improvements in ways of working

5. Define and embed more human-centric approaches

6. Move away from over-reliance on task management