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Covid-19 has completely changed how we all work – but will this be forever or just another 6 months? At this live panel webinar on the 8th October, we'll be hearing three different perspectives from leading industry experts on how to find the answers...

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Tackling the Future of Work challenges facing organisations

As a diverse team of highly experienced transformation consultants and analysts, we work with you to build a workforce that is more digital, more productive and more resilient.

We operate as your go-to resource for future of work data, insight and innovation, to help you create a clear workforce strategy and roadmap.

And we can work as your implementation partner, to support you in the roll-out of programmes that unlock greater value from humans and technology.

About Us

Workforce Strategy

Helping you reimagine your workforce and devise a strategy to make your business sustainable.


Work Optimisation

Aggregating information from a rich source of work, workforce and workplace data to improve analytics & decision-making.


Rapid Digitalisation

Accelerating the digitalisation of the workforce, redesigning how work gets done and technology innovation.


Skills Readiness

Profiling the skills strength and growth propensity of workforces to drive big leaps in future enterprise value.

Latest from the Insight Hub

Elvis has left the building, can you get him back?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced the office worker to re-evaluate life and the universe. And, for most people, they’ve decided the office is not for them. There’s no surprise in this. We humans have been contemplating our liberation from the confines and constraints of

The real power of empowerment

Ever since the creation of the first reported purpose built office opening its doors to hundreds of administrative and managerial workers in Leadenhall Street in 1729, there has been an uneasy relationship between the corporate workplace and worker liberty.

Giving up the corporate workplace…as we know it

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the rules of the game. Decades worth of instinctive and embedded behaviours requiring a daily migratory battle to commute oneself into the office are over.

Digiworkz Survey Results

Our survey of senior leaders uncovered some startling statistics about the self-reported problems that organisations are facing. We hope that by sharing the results of this survey we can build knowledge, spark conversations and push forward the debate around business

Together, we built a ‘Future of Work’ approach from the ground-up. Through their deep experience and thought leadership we developed a very clear and robust solution.

Nitin Verma

Future of Work Leader UK & Europe, Amazon

The Digiworkz team offers an in-depth and accurate grasp of the market for innovative and disruptive start-ups. They apply this effectively to solve the big challenges facing enterprises as they accelerate their efforts to digitalise.

Maz Hussain

Partner, KPMG

"Plans, actions and impacts to propel workforce productivity in a more distributed workforce are more likely to succeed if they take a data intelligence approach. Digiworkz not only advocate this but have the in-depth knowledge to show you exactly how."

Dr. Jason Devereux

Global Head of People Science and Innovation, Barclays

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