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Prepare for a future where the skills, shape, structure and supply of your workforce is profoundly different.




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Leverage the power of digital start-ups through proactive market monitoring and collaboration.


Make the big leap easier and quicker using our suite of future workforce technologies. 

Announcing our new partnership with Temporall

'The team here at Digiworkz are really proud to announce the launch of our Premium Partnership agreement with Temporall. We see huge potential to deliver client value through Temporall’s Organisational Intelligence Workbench technology and our two co-created indexes: Future of Work Index and Workforce Resilience Index. They are a very welcome addition to our ecosystem of transformation champions.’

 COVID-19 Business Resilience Born From Digital

Learnings From The Fightback Phase Of The Crisis

Our work with clients in the current crisis has exposed three fundamental challenges for leaders:


  • Getting sufficient time and space to properly  Re-group  to consider strategic moves effectively is proving difficult

  • Using real-time data to  Re-think  next best actions is more difficult than most BCP approaches assume

  • Ability to  Re-deploy  people to critical service roles while balancing health needs is logistically problematic 


Future of Work approaches are alleviating the issues associated with all of these challenges.  By rapidly building flexibility into strategies, responses and impact predictions we are shaping digital business resilience management.

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