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Global FTSE 100 Bank

Delivering a digital transformation advisory service

Our client was on a mission to ensure their team's objectives were in perfect harmony with the overarching goals of the company, aiming to boost engagement, efficiency, and adaptability. Their goal was to grasp the intricacies of team interactions and equip their leaders with the knowledge needed for superior team management, all in the pursuit of increasing the bank's value.

See how we worked with a global bank, supporting them with a number of their digital transformation initiatives.


International Consulting Firm

Building a hybrid working measurement system

Our client had transitioned to a hybrid work model and sought guidance on evaluating its effectiveness, determining future directions, and defining success metrics for hybrid operations. They faced uncertainty regarding the best tools and methods for monitoring essential achievements in the hybrid setup and were looking for ways to empower their employees to tailor their work experiences individually.

See how we worked with a global company to build a gybrid working measurement system to better understand the impact of their hybrid working model.


UK Public Sector Department

Building a great place to work

In collaboration with an IT outsourcing partner, we delivered an accelerator service for a prominent public sector organization in the UK. Our mission was to revolutionize IT service delivery, creating an unparalleled digital workspace for employees, and fostering a 'Great Place to Work'.

See how we were part of the team that was tasked with demonstrating how IT services could be transformed to build a best-in-class digital employee experience, and build a 'Great Place to Work'.


Global IT Services Firm

Building an integrated EX/CX proposition

Our client aimed to carve out a distinct niche in both employee and customer experience, positioning them as formidable contenders against the Big Four and niche boutiques. Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between superior customer service and employee satisfaction, they sought out untapped potential within the EX & CX landscapes to seize a unique advantage.

See how we developed a differentiated employee and customer experience proposition.


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