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KPMG Guide to Digital Leadership

Profinda_Undercurrents & Headwinds-1

Undercurrents & Headwinds: Trends Affecting Professional Services Firms


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6 min read

The Rise of Superteams

A superteam is not just a team of great people....

3 min read

SuperTeams – Use of Cognitive Science To Create Exponential Team Performance

Behind every great transformation, there's an...

4 min read

Why 2021 Is the Year of Collaboration

What do we mean by great collaboration? We’re all...

5 min read

Heads or Tails? Why Are Organisations Still Chancing Their Digital Luck

Are you ready to realise the value of digital...

4 min read

How to Collaborate Effectively in the Age of AI and Team Intelligence

‘‘Graphite and diamonds have the same formula of...

5 min read

Elvis has left the building, can you get him back?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced the office...

4 min read

The Skills Cliff-Edge

Whether we call it workforce resilience,...

9 min read

Going Off-Piste With Digitial HR

It is ok. We all do it. None of us, whether...

5 min read

Is Digital Causing False-Starts, Faltering-Solutions and Financial Stress? A Human-Centric Model to Avoiding Transformation Failure

In the face of Covid-19 related headwinds there...

2 min read

Productivity begins at home: why optimising remote workspaces is a business essential

Our physical workspace has a considerable impact...


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