adapt at the speed
of digital potential

Master the ability to transform at pace to unlock greater value


It Is Time to Transform

The truth is the majority of digital transformations do not succeed. So, in a world where change is constant,
resources are constrained and value creation is a condition of survival it is no surprise that leading organisations
are rethinking their approach to large scale programmes. They're finding ways to:

Digiworkz - achieve more with less, business transformation solutions

Achieve more with less

Digiworkz - go further and faster,  business transformation solutions

Go further and faster

Digiworkz - deliver with certainty, business transformation solutions

Deliver with certainty

Digiworkz - create a repeatable capability, business transformation solutions

Create a repeatable capability

Digiworkz provides Fast-track Set-up for business transformation

Accelerator 01.
Fast-track Set-up

This is designed for newly formed teams at the outset of a transformation journey and looking to create a compelling vision, supported by an achievable value case, and offering clear steps on how to get going. Specifically this will cover:

  • Defining the mission and understanding the requirements
  • Shaping the programme approach and defining resource needs
  • Creating stakeholder engagement
  • Building a credible business case
Digiworkz provides Uplifted Superteams for business transformation

Accelerator 02.
Uplifted Superteams

A SuperTeam is a group of cognitively connected people who work collectively through shared meaning, thinking and AI to solve complex problems better and faster than is achievable through individual endeavour. We help programme leaders with:

  • Developing team effectiveness strategies and approaches
  • Accelerating skills uplift in core roles and across workstreams
  • Reducing over-reliance on key individuals
  • Enhancing ways of working and overall colleague experience
Digiworkz provides Knowledge Engineer for business transformation

Accelerator 03.
Knowledge Engineer

Knowledge is the lifeblood of transformation programmes, yet it is seldom managed effectively or strategically.We industrialise the ability to find, interpret and re-use knowledge through our experience engineering factories that focus on combating: 

  • Time wasted looking for and validating accurate knowledge
  • Inability to capture and harness tacit knowledge from people
  • Reluctance to challenge over confidence with relevant knowledge
  • Tendency to make decisions without considering the detail
Digiworkz provides Nerve Centre Insights for business transformation

Accelerator 04.
Nerve Centre Insignts

Keeping transformations on track requires a new capability to capture, process and interpret vast amounts of data that inform the critical metrics of the programme and prompt corrective actions. These nerve centres are powerful management resources and enhance ability across numerous areas:

  • Identifying emerging risks and eroders of value
  • Changing the narrative around value assurance and governance 
  • Managing productivity and performance
  • Increasing flexibility and responsiveness to stay on track
Digiworkz provides Landing Change for business transformation

Accelerator 05.
Landing Change

By combing an analytics-led approach with highly effective behavioural science techniques that create more impactful engagement and adoption activities it is possible to accelerate the speed at which change is embraced. This requires a focus on:

  • Being able to hyper-personalise the change experience
  • Combining top-down and bottom-up approaches team-by-team
  • Taking an omnichannel approach to communication
  • Deploying continual listening and rapid intervention techniques

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