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From our own proprietary technology, to some of the most innovative third party applications on the market - our unique set of solutions are designed to help you accelerate your digital transformation programmes.

The digital platform to build knowledge and accelerate project delivery

LOOP is built to enable distributed teams to collaborate on projects, share knowledge and leverage a stream of expert insights to help solve complex problems. It enables your team to operate in a virtual collaboration environment, equipped with a range of tools and insights. It provides channels to connect individual project teams and build practice areas and market intelligence and benchmark data.

LOOP also has live surveys and assessments to help test and evidence key decisions, and a tailored, curated feed of relevant news and insights from analysts and academia. The platform enables your teams to accelerate their transformation programmes - encouraging creativity and building stakeholder buy-in.

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The global workforce data platform to inform key people decisions

The team at Talent Intuition have developed Stratigens to be the most powerful ‘outside-in’ view of work, workforces and workplaces available in the market.

Their platform utilises over 30,000 different data sources to form a global view of the insights needed to make better decisions around the distribution, skills, diversity and location of the future workforce. Stratigens is a must for leaders wanting to de-risk major people decisions.

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The AI tool to drive greater workforce resilience and performance

Formed by a team of ex-Googlers, Workbench from Temporall is the future of organisational diagnostic and analytics.

With AI powering the analysis of structured and unstructured content - linked to continuous listening, formal assessments and real-time system-driven data feeds - Workbench can literally pinpoint the actions that are needed to drive business resilience and value creation.

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The talent marketplace solution to improve workforce productivity

With a world that’s moving towards more fluid, skills-oriented and project based working, the ProFinda platform offers a timely AI-powered talent marketplace solution. 

The application is ideal for oganisations looking to build more adaptive workforces, with democratised work allocation and vocationally-led skills opportunities. Currently deployed in major global organisations, ProFinda represents the next generation in workforce productivity solutions.

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The gamification platform to support your digital change agenda

With the need to combine deep behavioural science and optimised employee experiences, the team at Games For Business are the market leaders.

Their technology platform puts the power of game construction, learning design and assessment measurement in the hands of enterprises. This greatly reduces the cost and time-to-value from gamification technology. It is a 'must use' solution for organisations wanting to engage people in digital transformation, develop future skills and to measure current mindsets.

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Respect for Privacy, key to enabling success of digital transformation

Data is at the heart of the digital revolution, however, consumers are demanding more control over the personal information they share with organisations and the way in which it is stored. Creating true transparency and control, respecting privacy, will become a source of competitive advantage in an increasingly digital world.

Privacy & Cookies believe that it is time to rethink privacy in a digital age.  The Privacy Respect Auditor™ (PRA) is the first International standard for reporting impact from the use of non-consensual cookies. The PRA score allows an organisation to focus on improvement whilst reducing risk and building customer trust. 

Check any website in 90 seconds or less at www.rethinkingprivacy.com

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“Together, we built a ‘Future of Work’ approach from the ground-up. Through their deep experience and thought leadership we developed a very clear and robust solution.

Nitin Verma

Future of Work Leader UK & Europe, Amazon

The Digiworkz team offers an in-depth and accurate grasp of the market for innovative and disruptive start-ups. They apply this effectively to solve the big challenges facing enterprises as they accelerate their efforts to digitalise.

Maz Hussain

Partner, KPMG

"Plans, actions and impacts to propel workforce productivity in a more distributed workforce are more likely to succeed if they take a data intelligence approach. Digiworkz not only advocate this but have the in-depth knowledge to show you exactly how."

Dr. Jason Devereux

Global Head of People Science and Innovation, Barclays

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