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A team of transformational digital disruptors

We genuinely believe no one can prepare you for the future like we can

About Digiworkz

We are your Future of Work transformation partner.

Think future strategy 

Get on top of disruption and build clearer pathways to the creation of tomorrow's work, workforces and workplaces.

See real innovation

Stay relevant by getting closer to the new technologies that are shaping the way we design and perform future work  

Be more digital

Hone the skills, learn the approaches and practice accelerated ways of working by adopting the start-up mindset. 


Creating businesses that are built to last

Helping organisations respond to a new world of work design, workforce skills, and workplace technology 

How we Work

The perfect blend of consultants, entrepreneurs and technologists.

Born to be digital 

Our team comprises people who have set up and grown innovate digital businesses in the areas of analytics, workforce planning, talent and organisational effectiveness

Made from big transformation

Our skills have been honed from consulting careers that have seen us deliver major work and workforce transformations in some of the world's largest global organisations 

Driven by a passion for disruption

In everything we do, our team is motivated by a desire to create more stimulating and productive working environments for our clients and their people


Focussed on closing the workforce skills gap

We know how human capability will evolve in the future and with the right support will master the 4th industrial revolution 


Why we're Unique

There are exciting differences in the way we work.

Connecting the best  outside-in 

Sourcing the latest and greatest start-up technology innovations that can accelerate workforce optimisation

Creating the future skills readiness

Profiling the skills strength and growth propensity of workforces to drive big leaps in enterprise value  

Consulting to build  business vitality

Tracking the critical indicators of enterprise fitness to meet demands and opportunities presented by future of work

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