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Introducing Nexus - A Knowledge driven Answer to complex challenges

In Latin, the word Nexus means to link or bind together. We see collective intelligence as that linking of knowledge and insights from a group or team to develop better solutions.

This ability to solve problems collectively is critical to long term future success. At Digiworkz, we have created Nexus, a patented digital transformation platform, to help organisations manage the multitude of complex challenges they face through their transformations.

The smart digital transformation Solution

Designed for teams delivering business and digital transformation solutions, Nexus forms a Collective Intelligence Hub by creating an environment for team solutioning. It integrates with your existing project, knowledge and collaboration management tools.

digitilisation of hr and key functions Problem-Solving

Creating SuperTeams with features that enable more effective decision-making and ideation processes.

 pragmatic and nimble-1 Programme Control 

Embed effective programme management by linking your knowledge and solution development to your programme tasks and objectives.

supercharging change networks Collective Intelligence

Create sustainable value through the power of collaboration, knowledge sharing and engagement.

  Knowledge Synthesis

Manage all your knowledge processes and content from internal and external sources all within one platform.

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change the way you approach transformation

Knowledge Synthesis:

Enhanced Curiosity & Skill Development

AI-powered content retrieval and sharing for content of all formats from across your internal knowledge systems and external open sources.

  • Smart-AI search of internal and open-source content

  • Generative AI search of detailed answers and resources

  • Content of all styles and formats (articles, documents, videos, podcasts, learning courses and more)

  • Personally managed and structured knowledge hub

  • Online structured learning courses from internal and third party sources
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Collective Intelligence:

Smarter Collaboration & Discovery

Nexus is built around the power of collective intelligence, designed to enable users to gain and share their own knowledge and be part of the 'crowd' to help others with their challenges.

  • Discussion Hub to engage and develop ideas that can be sourced anytime

  • Tag the right users to enrich the collaboration

  • Share tacit knowledge and content sourced and developed

  • Gain feedback and opinion with polls

  • Stimulate inputs from cognitively diverse contributors



Problem Solving:

Guided Solutioning & Decisioning

A unique environment to help hybrid teams optimise their solutioning process at critical moments in their project lifecycle.

  • Six unique solutioning templates dependent on the type of challenge

  • Anonymous rating of ideas and proposals to reduce bias

  • Supported by Generative AI to give a unique perspectives and summaries

  • Solutions linkage to your specific project and programme activities

  • Total transparency of consensus building process and decision audit

Programme Control:

Assurance of transformation delivery

Gain better control of your portfolio, programmes and specific workstreams across all their key elements with smart links to the development of specific solutions.

  • Connect all critical programme elements across milestones, deliverables, risks, critical decisions, meetings and key documents

  • Identify and track progress of the programe value path

  • Leanify key elements of programme management and administration

  • Track and report on workstream, updates, statuses and risks

  • Build purpose and mission clarity starting with accelerated onboarding



insights & analytics:

Signals-driven insights in the moment

Our bespoke collective intelligence measures help you understand your team's activity and the probability of their combined efforts delivering the required value outcomes.

  • Track, predict, prompt and recommend to help solution development

  • See team Collective Intelligence in real-time with our bespoke insights

  • Understand the knowledge strength of your organisation as it grows

  • Track and manage the success of your programme solutioning

  • Inform interventions and actions to drive performance of the team

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Experience the future of hybrid collaboration in the Metaverse

The Nexus Transformaverse

As teams shift from virtual collaboration to hybrid collaboration – we are now offering the chance for teams to enter a new, exciting metaverse space.

Nexus has integrated with the metaverse to create the Transformaverse. This is giving clients their own virtual environment for hybrid teams to deliver their transformations geared around collective problem-solving and solutioning.

metaverse collaboration image

Combining Nexus and the Metaverse

  • Full immersive metaverse environment

  • Multiple room to create private solutioning areas

  • Fully embedded Nexus functionality across search, collaboration and solution simulators

  • Record and track your discussions and meetings

  • Create a digital twin of your office spaces

  • Host meetings and event virtual events

DOwnload our guide to find out more about how we are developing the transformaverse

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enter the transformaverse

How Nexus supports Transformations

Check out how we could support your different knowledge initiatives 

Revolutionise Knowledge Engagement

Explore content, gain and discuss knowledge in a new way to create a collective intelligence.

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Accelerate    change and  upskill

Communicate and help your employees embrace organisational change more effectively.

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Successful transformation delivery

Manage your transformation programmes more effectively in a central place.


Problem solve in a hybrid working world

Open up problem-solving to your entire hybrid and global workforce to get the best people involved quicker.


Case Studies

See how global organisations are growing the collective intelligence of teams with Nexus

Global Bank - Enhance knowledge to solve organisational challenges

See how a global bank is using Nexus as their new innovative knowledge-centric solution for employees to understand the latest concepts and thinking.



Global Professional Service Firm - Building communities of practice

See how a global professional service firm is using Nexus to revolutionise the way they build communities of practice.



International IT Firm - How hybrid teams deliver projects

See how a global IT service firm implemented Nexus to change the way their hybrid teams deliver projects and develop ideas in a more collaborative way.



Discover why collective intelligence is the future of transformation

Want to know more? Book your demo now to see how Nexus can help your organisation.

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