The world's first collective intelligence environment, using the power of humans and AI, to deliver business transformation success.


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An environment for using the power of knowledge-driven solutioning, supported by AI, to solve transformation challenges

In Latin, the word Nexus means to link or bind together. We see collective intelligence as that linking of knowledge and insights from a community and what's more we believe the ability to solve problems collectively is critical to long turn future business success.

Therefore at Digiworkz, we have created a collective intelligence platform that helps organisations collectively manage the challenges they face through their transformations.

Our AI-supported platform is changing the way employees and organisations explore concepts, develop solutions to their challenges and then execute on those solutions.



Harnessing the potential of communities

Tap into the collective intelligence of all your team to enhance how you tackle problems

 icons8-contract-64Tackle challenges collectively

Share challenges and tap into the full knowledge of the community to develop your ideas and solution

digitilisation of hr and key functions Continually expand your knowledge

Browse and engage with structured and unstructured content to expand knowledge base

 pragmatic and nimble-1 Engage with your community 

Leverage spotlights, announcements, events and polls to keep the community updated and engaged

supercharging change networks Drive org effectiveness

Track the engagement of the community and the development of solutions to understand how collectively intelligent is your organisation

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change the way you approach transformation

Solutions & Challenges

Nexus facilitates and improves your ability to tackle complex business problems and challenges by following a bespoke solutioning methodology. Driving communities to go further, faster and achieve more through discussion, ideation and simulation of solutions.

agile and scalable approach Post your challenges and supplement with content in articles and whiteboards

upskilling for digital futures Tap into the collective intelligence of the community support via AI to discuss these challenges and solution ideas

workforce Simulate developing your solution with a focused group to create a solution output supplemented by AI

icons8-project-64 Convert your solution into a project and track the delivery

Discussion Hub

Upskill with specifically curated content

Combining specifically curated content by our Digiworkz research team, AI-powered content retrieval including podcasts, videos and learning courses, and the ability to integrate with your knowledge management systems to allow people to support their solutioning with the latest academic thinking, market trends and project material.

icons8-tutoring-64 Access specially curated content for your community

icons8-bargains-64 Integrate with your Knowledge Manager systems to tap into your resources

icons8-virtual-assistant-64 (1) Browse content in multiple formats including video, podcasts, webinars and many more

icons8-tutoring-64 (1) Take structured learning in the Classroom to upskill in specific areas.

Nexus Search

insight & analytics

Enhanced insights & analytics is able to measure and signal the collective intelligence of the communities on Nexus, with the purpose of delivering transformations quicker and with more success.

upskilling for digital futures Track your collective intelligence effectiveness based on engagement

digitilisation of hr and key functions See how connected your organisation is through network analysis

collaborative innovationUnderstand the collective knowledge strength of your organisation

analytical yet human centric Track the success of the solutions generated 

Nexus Analytics


We have developed a set of package levels to help you settle into using Nexus through to creating your very own Transformaverse


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How Nexus supports Transformations

Check out how Nexus could support your organisation's different initiatives to grow knowledge and collective intelligence

Revolutionise Knowledge Engagement

Explore content, gain and discuss knowledge in a new way to create a collective intelligence.

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Accelerate    change and  upskill

Communicate and help your employees embrace organisational change more effectively.

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Successful transformation delivery

Manage your transformation programmes more effectively in a central place.


Problem solve in a hybrid working world

Open up problem-solving to your entire hybrid and global workforce to get the best people involved quicker.


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Case Studies

See how global organisations are growing their collective intelligence with Nexus

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Global Professional Service Firm - Building communities of practice

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