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5 min read

The Rise of Superteams

A superteam is not just a team of great people. It’s a great team in which members are connected through collective intelligence. The pandemic has thrown team dynamics up in the air so how can we bring together groups of people who can generate an...

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3 min read

SuperTeams – Use of Cognitive Science To Create Exponential Team Performance

Behind every great transformation, there's an even greater team. But that team doesn’t need to be, and shouldn’t be, the same team delivering time after time. By tapping into cognitive science and powerful analytics, we can build SuperTeams of diverse...

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4 min read

Heads or Tails? Why Are Organisations Still Chancing Their Digital Luck

Are you ready to realise the value of digital transformation? In the second of our series of webinars, the topic was managing digital transformation in overdrive. Our participants contributed to the debate and their insights revealed that the vast...

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4 min read

Is Digital Causing False-Starts, Faltering-Solutions and Financial Stress? A Human-Centric Model to Avoiding Transformation Failure

In the face of Covid-19 related headwinds there is no choice but to keep accelerating change. But how ready is your business to move at the speed and scale needed? Most leaders are already wrestling with levels of technology-oriented transformation that...

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