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18 Month Resilience Window

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Part 2 of the 'Countdown: The Race For Digital and Human Skills' series

Our upcoming white paper will contain full detail on our Skills Risk Curve. This is an in-depth analysis of the macro-economic environment, the key drivers of skills supply, skills demand and the widening skills gap.

Demand for key skills has increased, whilst the nature of skills supply in the UK is changing due to macro-economic events such as Brexit (affecting free movement of skills and causing skill migration) and COVID-19 (changing skill priorities and large-scale re-deployment of the workforce).

Recent events have pushed many mid-sized companies from risk level 3 (of 5) to risk level 4.

Our analysis shows there is an 18-month window for these companies to respond effectively or slip into the highest risk level – level 5.

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Who is most at risk?

Big Consulting Firms and Tech Giants

  • Companies such as PWC, Accenture, IBM and SAP made major investments in re-skilling and up-skilling programmes in 2019
  • Developed new technologies and solutions for measuring skills both internally and externally
  • Attract, develop and retain the best skills and talent in the marketplace

Mid-sized enterprises

  • High risk of falling into the skills gap
  • Lack capital and digital economies of scale of top firms, yet lack the agility and flexibility of digital start-ups to pivot and react
  • Opportunities for unlocking value through accurate skills measurement are highest for Mid-Sized Enterprises

Digital Start-Ups

  • Able to quickly pivot and make agile adjustments to the supply and demand of skill
  • Tap into the gig economy to access a wide pool of skills and talent
  • Using closeness to the market and digital capability to measure skills dynamically
  • Offer talented individuals autonomy, flexibility, personalised skill development.

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