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Posted by Laurence Collins on Sep 8, 2020 3:45:36 PM

Part 4 of the 'Countdown: The Race For Digital and Human Skills' series

Problem: We Need Data Scientists!

Europe needs 346,000 more data scientists by 2020.' (IT Pro, 2020)

'Demand for workers with specialist data skills like data scientists and data engineers has more than tripled over five years (+231%).' - Labour Market Report Into the Dynamics of Skills (Royal Society, 2020).

Solution: Digital & Human Skills Mapping

Micronise & Model

Automate & Collaborate

Prioritise & Allocate

Skill and Source

This 4 part process can be used to maximise ROI on data science skill investments

Maps solution:

"We view investing in data science talent and skills without full market knowledge as like taking some random positions in the stock market – you might get lucky – but you stand a much better chance with a balanced portfolio, driven by genuine insights and managed by market experts" Laurence Collins, Managing Director at Digiworkz

Making smart data science investments and sourcing the right data scientists for your business needs requires access to superior data insight to your competitors, combined with the expertise and confidence to leverage it.

Digiworkz provides an end-to-end solution for this process – using our industry-leading MAPS solution. This solution is powered by our ecosystem partners, workforce transformation team and analytics expertise, to ensure that your investments into the skills economy (in this case data science skills) provide both short-term impact and long-term value.

Our insight drives the capability to how to prioritise and allocate resource into data science skillsets with the strongest business case.

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Behind the Scenes with Rajeev Dubey, Ex-CHRO, Mahindra Group

Behind the Scenes with Rajeev Dubey, Ex-CHRO, Mahindra Group

Behind the Scenes with Rajeev Dubey, Ex-CHRO, Mahindra Group