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1 min read

18 Month Resilience Window

Part 2 of the 'Countdown: The Race For Digital and Human Skills' series

Our upcoming white paper will contain full detail on our Skills Risk Curve. This is an in-depth analysis of the macro-economic environment, the key drivers of skills supply, skills...

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1 min read

Measuring Capability – A New Perspective

Part 1 of the 'Countdown: The Race For Digital and Human Skills' series

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2 min read

The Modern Architecture of Human and Digital Work Systems

‘From structures to skills – organisational success has been re-designed’

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8 min read

The Five Giant Leaps Needed to Land The Future of Work

Recognising that the world is evolving is not always an easy thing to do. Understanding, let alone responding to, the sheer pace at which everything is moving around us can be equally difficult.

Sometimes it is easier therefore to believe it isn't...

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3 min read

The Skills Cliff-Edge

Whether we call it workforce resilience, capability development, or future-proofed workforce, all paths lead back to the same fundamental challenge; how do we create businesses that can access and utilise the quality of skills needed to execute...

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4 min read

Going Off-Piste With Digitial HR

It is ok. We all do it. None of us, whether inside or outside work, really want to admit among our peers that we've been unable to master a new skill, especially when you perceive others are great at it. To confess to being rubbish just makes us...

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6 min read

Humans and Work Transformation

The use of sporting related metaphors to make a business point are often over-used.

So, why take the risk of losing you immediately and start this article with a reference to racing? Well, because modern F1 is not a metaphor for the future of work. It is...

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