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"50 to Watch" Future of Work Digital Disruptors

Digiworkz continuously scouts the most innovative and potentially impactful Start-Ups globally and helps enterprise clients to harness disruptive workforce technologies effectively.

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The Digiworkz 50 to Watch List


Acadmi is a Mobile Training App optimising the delivery of learning to employees , on-the-move and on-demand to make them future ready.

Artic Shores

We are a global provider of Game-Based Assessments that deliver meaningful, job-relevant insights about people. We enable employers to differentiate their hiring process, engage prospective talent, make fair and objective selection decisions, and raise brand awareness.

Clear Review

Clear Review agile Performance Management Software helps you move from broken annual performance appraisals to regular, meaningful conversations.


All the predictive people analytics solutions you need, in one easy-to-use platform. it's the extra confidence you need in making informed HR decisions.


Degreed is an online service helping 3+ million people at over 150 organizations build the skills they need to invent the future.


An augmented writing platform that creates statements of work for the flexible knowledge economy.


Earthmiles is on a mission to help people improve well-being with a combination of behavioral psychology and analytics.


We teach the world about jobs!


Emoquo is an award winning digital coaching app and real-time people analytics platform for everyone at work


Faethm is a fast-growth and global AI Analytics SaaS Platform and is the world's data source for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Work.


Fluxible makes pre-employment checks faster through it's member's shared database of employment history.


fuseAware is an app for workers, and a dashboard for employers, that provides real time data in order to, Improve productivity, Improve worker safety & Improve worker wellbeing. Resulting benefits include, Significant improvements to profitability, Greater worker engagement and positive culture, Enhanced staff retention rate & Brand reputation advancement


Write a letter to the future: set goals for yourself, make a prediction about the world. Envision the future, and then make it happen


We combine employees’ expert knowledge with machine learning to get people to what they need, when they need it.


HeadStart, an innovative volunteering programme aimed to up-skill and empower young people for further education and employment.


We want people to live their best lives. We believe people grow more when in teams. We believe the best teams are built on constructive feedback. At work.


We deliver a unique and independent, mobile-enabled platform that allows NHS Trusts to search and book off-payroll workers, no matter their employment status; Bank, Substantive, Direct Engagement or even Agency.


Indigometrics provides an easy way for both employees and managers to rank each other and see whether their actions are aligned with the company values.


Temporary staffing made simple. Say goodbye to spreadsheets; Fill jobs faster and more accurately; Focus on your workers and account handling

LaunchPad Recruits

LaunchPad’s recruitment automation and video interviewing platform helps you transform your candidate journey and future-proof your recruitment strategy.

Mimica Automation

Mimica uses AI to automate process intelligence and process mapping.


MyPeople is a class-leading employee performance management and engagement analytics platform for business. It was created by the same analytics team that helped GB cycling, GB rowing and England Rugby to achieve outstanding success through the aggregation of marginal gains. MyPeople knows how to apply these proven principles to achieving comparable results in the business environment.

OA Digital

We are on a mission to give your employees up-to 10% more highly productive time every day.

One Assessment

One Assessment is talent development & analytics platform for building high-performing workforces.

One Model

One Model provides an HR analytics solution for your business that makes it easy to streamline all of your data and framework into one easy to use solution.


Peakon is the world's leading platform for measuring and improving Employee Engagement. 


Pobi equips businesses with the ability to engage, optimise, attract and retain individuals whilst providing analytics to support strategic and tactical business decisions.


Agile Project Management with Kanban and Resource Management with Capacity. Collaborative cloud software for companies


Portify helps flexible workers achieve financial wellbeing.


Precursive helps forward thinking companies manage people and projects better.

Our app is the preferred solution for creative agencies, high tech, management consultancies, market research, media, and telecommunications.


ProFinda is a Team and Work Management platform that maps the skills, knowledge and expertise available across an organisation's total talent supply chain of internal, contingent and alumni workers. Through implementing ProFinda, organisations can now connect their workforces through matching people to people, and people to work.


Qlearsite provides People Analytics solutions that use machine learning techniques to analyse complex, big employee data.


Resolutt facilitates alignment and makes your team more productive by collaborating on decisions in a simple and visual way.


Retainable helps businesses grow stronger with happier workplace by increasing employee retention.


Rotageek helps businesses perfectly predict and meet demand by using data-driven tech to effectively and fairly schedule staff. We use personalised algorithms and machine learning to identify patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed - providing best-in-class business forecasting and workforce management.


Ryalto is an app that helps healthcare staff manage their working lives better. Conceptualised by people with decades of experience in the NHS, Ryalto offers simple, efficient solutions to everyday challenges.


SOAR's human and digital wellbeing eco-system aggregates individual employee wellbeing metrics to create a comprehensive analytics platform for you.


Sirenum is the world's leading staff management platform for temporary agencies and hourly workers: scheduling, payroll, time and attendance, staffing, WFM.

Soma Analytics

Kelaa Mental Resilience is a digital wellbeing platform that helps employers to reduce costs of employee absenteeism, presenteeism, and turnover.


StatusToday is the world's fastest growing employee insights platform to objectively measure engagement, collaboration, and wellbeing. No surveys. Ever

The Happiness Index Ltd

The Happiness Index provides a platform for you to quickly and easily measure employee satisfaction and customer feedback with HR analytics.

The People Experience Hub

A tech led, human approach to measuring and improving people experience at work


Unmind's B2B workplace wellness platform is shown to decrease stress, enhance sleep, and improve business performance of your employees.


Untapped is fueled by ambition. We untap people, we untap companies, we untap social mobility. Our mission is to empower people, organisations and society by combining the best human emotional intelligence expertise with the constantly evolving power of AI. We are accessible, scalable, and impactful.


Your staff pool. Already have available staff? Utilise them properly. uuugabuild matches temporary internal appointments to under-utilised or available staff.


Visier People lets you hit the accelerator on data-driven HR, giving you always up-to-date answers to your important workforce questions. Up and running quickly at a fraction of the cost of other approaches, Visier People lets you know your workforce like never before, connect people decisions to business outcomes, and share insights and plans with stakeholders with ease.


Using trait theory linked to the DNA of your teams, roles, projects and employee personalities we enable optimal team design; leading to better profitability and improved team health


WERKIN tech-enabled mentorship helps organisations manage, measure and scale career development and diversity and inclusion programmes.


Personalised change coaching for entire workforces powered by adaptive Al


Winning Minds is a conversational analysis tool that generates insights on interaction dynamics and productivity patterns within your teams. Using the platform, your teams gain visibility through tacit organisational knowledge regarding how decisions are made, problems are resolved, and risks are navigated. New insights are provided through the collection and analysis of information that has yet to be monitored and captured through an expert and consistent system.


WiseAmigo is the place for people to visualise, create and embark on a rich journey of development. If you’re looking to grow or help your employees grow, great. Through our platform we give people the tools and insight to build skills and confidence. For employers, we’re a fast and hassle-free way of empowering the workforce.

Working Eye

Working Eye is such a sea change in careers advice for young people. It puts control in the hands of teenagers, allowing them to discover everything they need to know about the world of work on the devices they love the best: their laptops and their smartphones. The Working Eye website and the library of short, high quality films engage young people in a way never before conceived and opens the door to new ways of discovery; demystifying the complex world of career choices and job options.


Zappy provides the quick and easy way for non-technical users to automate their mundane tasks. Zappy learns your actions by simply observing your behavior and you can create Zappy automation in less than one minute.